Insulated blades and screwdrivers

Wiha Tools introduces insulated SlimLine blades and screwdrivers.

Oct 13th, 2010

Monticello, Minn., October 13, 2010—Wiha Tools has introduced insulated SlimLine, a new line of blades and screwdrivers. Wiha SlimTechnology achieves blade diameters up to 33 percent narrower utilizing Wiha integrated insulation. For jobs where access is limited, the new Wiha SlimLine screwdrivers include the following tip styles: slotted, phillips, square and xeno for terminal screws. New Wiha SlimLine blades include the following tip styles: slotted, phillips, xeno for terminal screws, TORX and square. Also available is SlimLine blade holder with Wiha-SoftFinish cushion grip handle. All Wiha Insulated tools are tested and certified to 10,000 Vac/1,500 Vdc and meet OSHA requirements for use in applications where safety insulated tools are called for.

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