Custom transformers

Pacific Crest Transformers offers transformers for wide range of applications.

Medford, Ore., October 5, 2010—Pacific Crest Transformers (PCT) has significant experience designing custom transformers for a wide range of applications, including rectifier feeds, step-up duty, motor-starting duty, variable frequency drive applications, generator field excitation and inverter duty. PCT offers custom designs for pad mount, station, substation, and grounding transformers.

According to Tom Steeber, Pacific Crest Transformer’s vice president of marketing and sales, "A transformer designed specifically for a particular application will hold up dependably, while standard off-the-shelf transformers may fail if not designed with the needs of an application in mind."

“Electrical contractors are providing expensive capital equipment that has to be dependable for 30 years and longer,” Steeber said. “To obtain the quality and durability contractors are looking for, it is absolutely critical that they specify a transformer with the features needed for a particular application.”

PCT is known for transformers that are reliable under heavy industrial use, flexible in design, and made with the highest quality manufacturing processes and equipment. They are available with a wide range of core and coil designs to meet total-ownership cost and material requirements.

PCT will showcase its custom transformer capabilities in booth 208 at the National Electrical Contractors Association’s 2010 NECA Convention and Trade Show, from October 3 through 5, 2010 at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center.

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