Substation automation for smart grid applications

RuggedCom to acquire substation automation business of Bow Networks.

Concord, Ontario, October 14, 2010—RuggedCom, a designer and manufacturer of rugged communications networking solutions for mission critical applications in harsh environments, announced it has agreed to purchase the substation automation business of Bow Networks Inc.

Bow Networks is a leader in the development of substation automation and security software solutions that are used to securely retrieve, present and analyze information from intelligent electronic devices, allowing utilities to make decisions that facilitate the restoration of power and increase utilization of critical assets and infrastructure.

When integrated with RuggedCom’s portfolio of utility grade communications platforms, the combined offering provides a comprehensive information backbone for use in smart grid applications.

Bow Networks has developed software based solutions for the substation and distribution automation sectors for almost 25 years. Bow’s eLANTM offering for substation integration was one of the first to address the need for managing non-operational data, while its CrossBow security software was a front runner in the delivery of NERC compliance solutions for remote access. The Bow team is comprised of a number of industry veterans and experienced developers and engineers.

“As a leader and pioneer in smart grid communications we are always looking for ways to expand our smart grid offering in a way that builds upon the strong communications foundation we’ve already established in the substation,” said Marzio Pozzuoli, president and CEO of RuggedCom. “With the acquisition of key personnel and technologies from Bow Networks, we are now adding the ability to manage data, perform analysis and deliver critical information securely from end-to-end to whoever needs it. This in essence now allows us to provide an ‘Information Backbone’ for smart grid applications.”

The Bow Networks product offering consists of a range of substation automation and security software that will be delivered on substation hardened computing and communications platforms as well as enterprise servers. Solutions extend from basic protocol conversion between various IED vendors to secure corporate—wide IED access and data management applications targeting critical asset management and maintenance.

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