Find and purchase torque tools quickly online

J.H. Williams and CDI launch

Atlanta, July 26, 2010— is an online marketplace for torque tools from manufacturers J.H. Williams and CDI. The site was developed for technical professionals so they quickly find what they want and complete their purchase.

The initial goal of tool manufacturers J.H. Williams and CDI, part of Snap-on Inc., was to gain greater web visibility, which led them to Griffin. Through the process, Griffin established a new business as an online tool distribution company and is now in the top five percent of all distributors for the J.H. Williams Tool Group.

The key to success is putting all the tools from one search, torque screwdrivers for example, on a single page. The basics for each tool are provided for easy comparison, but then the user can click to see more detailed information and photography about his or her choice of tool. It's more difficult to do this from the standpoint of website logistics, but the user gets the benefit with a simpler interface.

Rather than looking at one model at a time and having to go back and forth to determine which model meets a particular need, all similar products are shown together on a single page with the relevant technical specifications. For example, when viewing dial torque wrenches the user can compare technical specs such as drive size, torque range in foot pounds and Newton meters, as well as tool dimensions."

One additional factor in the success of the new site is that provides the most extensive offering of J.H. Williams and CDI torque tools of any online store. Being a full line J.H. Williams and CDI torque tool distributor allows customers to make all their torque tool purchases from a single vendor for all their locations, both domestic and international.

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