Unshielded distribution transformers improve cost effectiveness

Unshielded versions of ET2 and ET5 Series shielded transformers are available in 15 kVA through 75 kVA.

Rosemont, Ill., April 21, 2010—SolaHD, a supplier of power quality solutions, is offering a line of unshielded general purpose distribution transformers that equally mix value and performance for high energy-efficiency in commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.

Utilizing the same feature-set as the SolaHD ET series of shielded low voltage dry-type distribution transformers, the unshielded versions offer improved cost effectiveness and are fully compatible with the shielded ET units in most applications. The offering includes the eight most popular ET part numbers—ET2 and ET5 Series, 15 kVA through 75 kVA.

For those customers seeking an outdoor transformer, the new units can be outfitted with optional weather shields that meet UL-3R requirements.

Key features for both shielded and unshielded SolaHD ET transformers include:
· NEMA TP-1 compliance
· UL Class 220 degree insulation system
· Terminal board connections and spacious wiring compartments
· Panel design that reduces labor time
· Rugged stainless steel enclosures
· High efficiency for low cost operation
· Single and three-phase availability

The SolaHD unshielded transformers are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

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