Electronic reboot device keeps unmanned equipment and networks working

New iPulse smart reboot device detects failure automatically and fully reboots locked-up electronics.

Brookline, Mass., April 22, 2010—A patented, FCC compliant add-on device that keeps all transmission equipment including M2M, smart grid, SCADA, RTUs, AMR/AMI, and remote data acquisition and control systems fully operational, without human intervention, is now available from VideogeniX Inc.

The iPulse smart reboot device is a compact module that detects failure automatically and fully reboots locked-up electronic equipment to permit more widespread adoption of newer distribution and automation technologies. Suitable for use anywhere there is an unmanned remote controlled network, it is easy to install, eliminates the need for costly service calls to manually restart frozen equipment, and helps prevent data loss and system downtime.

Fully compatible with any electronic equipment including wired, wireless or cellular networks, the iPulse smart reboot device operates independent from the equipment being monitored. Requiring no external or dedicated power supply, it provides internal voltage regulation and installs in-line by simply plugging into the equipment’s I/O or serial port.

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