Fiber optic temperature sensors for power transformer applications

FISO Technologies launches Nortech Sentinel II, a cost-effective solution for power transformer hot-spot monitoring.

Quebec City, April 6, 2010—FISO Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Roctest Ltd (TSX: RTT), has announced the release of its new generation of fiber optic temperature sensors dedicated to power transformer applications. By applying its latest technology to its field-proven Nortech platform, FISO has significantly improved both the functionality and cost-effectiveness of its power transformer hot-spot monitoring solution. The improvements are expected to benefit existing customers as well as broaden FISO's addressable market.

The configuration of the new Nortech Sentinel II sensor allows reduced bending radius for easier installation, enabling temperature monitoring in areas where it was not previously possible. Additional functionalities, such as the ability to monitor the health of the sensor itself, will enable transformer manufacturers to verify the quality of the installation and troubleshoot issues prior to oil filling.

"We are extremely proud of our new product line. We are expanding our system features and maintaining the recognized reliability established by the Nortech line over the past 10 years, while at the same time passing along significant cost savings to our customers," said Frederic Borne, General Manager, FISO Technologies. "The lower price point will allow us to target new markets such as developing countries, as well as broaden the practical applicability of temperature monitoring sensors to include smaller assets such as distribution transformers and switchgears."

By alerting operators to abnormal temperatures within their transformers, Nortech Sentinel II sensors can help power utilities reduce lifetime costs, optimize maintenance schedules and extend the life of their equipment.

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