Interchangeable OEM sensor module for relative humidity and temperature

PMC’s Michell I7000 series RH and temperature module is based on the Hygrosmart design.

Danbury, Conn., May 11, 2010—PMC announces the Michell I7000 series RH and temperature module, based on the innovative Hygrosmart design. It’s especially useful for OEM applications where the interchangeability permits direct exchange with virtually no down time for calibration or maintenance.

The combination RH and temperature sensors provide operation from -40 to +200 F with an RH range of 0-100 percent and accuracy of less than 2 percent. Other valuable features include a response time of less than 10 seconds and annual stability of better than 1 percent. Linearization can be provided for a specific isotherm.

Offering various electrical configurations and contained within a rugged NORYL housing, the module is extremely easy to install and weighs less than 0.1oz. A short video showing the exchange process can be viewed at

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