Dry type instrument transformer portfolio expanded

Through a partnership with Arteche, ABB has expanded its outdoor instrument transformer product offering to include ratings up to 69 kV.

Houston, May 24, 2010—ABB has announced the availability of an expanded offering of outdoor dry type instrument transformers through its partnership with Arteche. This partnership, which began in 2008, has allowed ABB to become the only supplier in North America to offer a complete line of dry type outdoor instrument transformers in three distinct insulating materials to support any application.

The partnership is now expanding to include a new family of outdoor dry type instrument transformers at the 36 kV, 48 kV and 69 kV voltage class levels. This new family complements ABB’s existing portfolio at 36 kV and 48 kV, while adding the new 69 kV level. These products are available in standard primary and secondary designs or can be customized to fit unique applications.

“This is an exciting partnership for ABB,” said Jon Rennie, vice president and general manager for ABB's Power Products Medium Voltage instrument transformer factory in Pinetops, N.C. “Adding the 69 kV voltage class in a dry type design will ultimately give our customers more products to meet their needs.”

ABB will continue to stock most standard Arteche designs for quick-ship deliveries to the U.S. and Canada.

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