Cellular RTU increases response time and system reliability

Thomas & Betts’ Fisher Pierce SmartLink Series 5000 cellular RTU for Fisher Pierce FCIs.

Memphis, Tenn., May 20, 2010—The Fisher Pierce SmartLink Series 5000 integrated cellular Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) from Thomas & Betts provides fast, reliable and cost-effective two-way communication for automated fault reporting when using Fisher Pierce Series 1548 radio FCIs. Electric utility operations personnel can have precise fault alarms and data fed to a variety of applications in seconds, increasing response time and system reliability.

The SmartLink Series 5000 RTU uses technology from Telemetric to communicate over the digital or analog cellular data networks, with coverage available to over 98 percent of the population in North America. No additional radio equipment, license or local cellular account is required. The SmartLink Series 5000’s intelligent processor provides flexible reporting of permanent and temporary fault conditions. Utilities can access a secure, web-based fault-reporting application or integrate automatic fault reporting into SCADA/EMS systems using optional software from Telemetric.

The secure, web-based application displays device data that can be queried or polled remotely. A variety of user-specified fault alarms can be configured to notify a designated person of a reported event by e-mail, pager or text message.

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