Utility Pro Supplies: Office Depot Introduces Innovative Solar Bags That Are Ideal for Eco-Minded Professionals

Voltaic Bags Use Sun to Charge Mobile Electronics -Leave Chargers at Home and Save Greenhouse Gases

"By adding new environmentally-preferable office products with attributes beyond recycled content to our assortment, Office Depot is helping to redefine 'green' in the industry," said Barbara Pizzella, Vice President of Merchandising for Office Depot. "The Voltaic Solar Messenger Bag is one more example of Office Depot continuing to offer innovative and solution-oriented products."

Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) announced today a AA Battery Module for the Nomad™ rugged handheld computer. The new module allows users to run the Nomad an average of four hours using two AA alkaline batteries without affecting its rugged performance capabilities.

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