Disenco Energy Urges UK Government to Accelerate Carbon Reduction Targets

Disenco Energy plc, the Sheffield-based company that's poised to transform energy consumers into energy producers with its micro Combined Heat and Power appliance, welcomes Prime Minister Gordon Brown's commitment to the UK reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 60% & perhaps 80% before 2050,

Disenco begins initial production this month and full production in 2008 of its patented appliance called HomePowerPlant, a product that replaces traditional boilers. The dishwasher-sized appliance runs on low-cost natural gas and enables home owners and small businesses to produce all their heating and hot water requirements locally, as well as up to 70% of their electricity requirements at peak times. It also allows them to export and sell electricity back to the power grid.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company warns customers to beware of calls from anyone who claims to be from PG&E and asks permission for a PG&E representative to enter a household in order to re-light gas appliances. The utility recently received reports from customers in San Francisco and San Leandro who have answered calls from a PG&E imposter claiming that PG&E employees are walking the neighborhood to re-light gas pilots.

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