Entergy Statement in Response to Today's Announcement by Westchester County Executive Andy Spano

The Entergy Corp. issues the following statement in response to Westchester County Executive Andy Spano's decision to not participate in future drills at Entergy's Indian Point nuclear power plants:

"Entergy takes emergency planning at all of its plants very seriously, including training drills and exercises. The purpose of training drills is to train staff, enhance performance, and identify weaknesses or equipment issues to ensure a proficient emergency response plan and staffing. We have not heard from the county executive regarding any specific concerns beyond what you normally would expect to find in drills or his general criticism of our commitment to emergency planning, and were unaware of them before obtaining a copy of the press release this morning. Because drills are a valuable tool for helping ensure the safety and health of the public, we urge him to continue participating and supporting the drills."

Gestalt, LLC, an international professional services firm providing consulting services and technology solutions to the defense and energy sectors, recently announced it has successfully completed Phase III of a multi-phased project with the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) to develop the industry's first rules engine-based Billing and Settlements System. The solution expanded upon the billing simulator technology Gestalt and the NYISO developed in Phase I and II which helped to improve the NYISO's very complex billing and settlement process. The simulator provides a tool to analyze market rule changes, address issues impacting customers, and expedite the NYISO's overall settlements process. The third phase of the project incorporated the billing simulator technology into the development of a rules-based production settlement system to help further reduce the time it takes to run through a settlement cycle.

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