Elster and DCSI announce the availability of the A3 ALPHAR meter with TWACSR UMT-C

Elster Electricity, part of Elster Group, and Distribution Control Systems, Inc. (DCSI), a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE), have announced the release of the Universal Metering Transponder (UMT-C-A3) for Elster's A3 ALPHA meter. The UMT-C transponder expands the capabilities of the TWACS power line communications network to retrieve critical meter data from the A3 ALPHA meter at commercial and industrial metering locations.

In addition to the quality meter reading features of TWACS CMTs, the
UMT-C-A3 provides enhanced outage tracking and analysis, demand reset, and more mapped registers (up to 32). The UMT-C communicates with the A3 ALPHA meter using ANSI C12.19-1997 standard tables to provide remote retrieval of meter data for energy consumption, maximum demand, power factor, reactive energy, apparent energy, reverse energy notification, and per phase voltage readings. Status and alarms originating in the meter are also retrieved and reported.

Arcadian Networks, a wireless communications carrier for energy companies with dispersed assets (electric, gas and water utilities, and oil and gas companies), announced today that it has enhanced its position as a leading advocate of Smart Grid legislation with the appointment of Mark Maddox as Senior Vice President of Government Affairs.

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