Advanced Energy Announces Fully-Commissioned Inverter Installations

SunPower operates Solaron(TM) grid-tie, photovoltaic inverters with 97 percent CEC-weighted (California Energy Commission) efficiency rating

Up-front capital investments required for commercial installations are a major factor for integrators and independent power producers to consider. With AE's advanced grid-tie inverter, integrators can see substantial return on their inverter investment alone -- because these installations can produce targeted output power levels with fewer solar modules, thus lowering balance-of-system (BoS) costs more than was previously possible. Moreover, the platform is designed for ease of integration, unmonitored operation and minimal maintenance over years of service.

Ventyx(TM), the world's largest private software provider to the utility industry, today announced a three-year managed care contract with Vectren Corporation (NYSE: VVC), affirming the company's commitment to offer the highest levels of service to its more than 1 million customers by investing in advanced customer and enterprise workforce management solutions from Ventyx.

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