Energy News: NanoLogix Inc. Announces Historical First in Energy Generation With Bioreactor-Produced Hydrogen at Welch's

NanoLogix, Inc. , a nano-biotechnology company, announced it has achieved a historical event with the first onsite generation of electricity using hydrogen gas produced from its bioreactor prototype facility at Welch Foods Inc., a Cooperative in Pennsylvania.

A 5.5 kW generator converted to run on hydrogen was utilized for the demonstration. The generator ran flawlessly on hydrogen gas produced by NanoLogix's hydrogen bioreactor system and powered multiple strings of 100- watt light bulbs. "To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time in history that electricity has been generated anywhere onsite using hydrogen produced through the use of bacteria to digest waste", said Harry Diz, Department Chair and Professor of Environmental Engineering at Gannon University and NanoLogix Bioreactor Development chief.

BPL Global, Ltd., an international leader in Electrical Distribution Intelligence, has introduced an advanced technology solution that enables utilities to shed non-critical load during peak hours and to confirm the duration and extent of load shed by participant. BPL Global's solution aggregates load shedding statistics for clear and straightforward results. The demand management solution is being offered as a community service program by the South San Joaquin Irrigation District (SSJID) in Manteca, California.

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