Odyne Corp. Awarded Patent for Battery Enclosure

Odyne Corporation (OTCBB:ODYC), a clean technology company that develops advanced hybrid electric vehicle propulsion systems, announced today that it has been awarded a patent for an air-cooled battery enclosure designed to improve the function and extend the lifespan of battery packages for mobile applications. The company was awarded U.S. Patent #11/322024

"Battery enclosures have been designed for manufacturing ease and not for optimal long term battery operation," explains Joe Ambrosio, founder and CTO of Odyne. "They have been sealed on all sides and have not allowed for the passage of air. The contained heat degrades the battery, resulting in premature failure."

Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT) is reinforcing its commitment to providing value to its growing base of Chinese customers through the continued expansion of the company's global business model across China. At this year's CONEXPO Asia trade show, Caterpillar is showcasing a state-of-the-art product line, demonstrating machine applications that provide the best value to customers, and is highlighting the unmatched product support that customers receive from Caterpillar and its dealer network.

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