Honeywell and Ponca City Improve Utility Services and Reduce Operating Costs

Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Energy Retrofits to Create $1.3 Million in Annual Savings

Funded through a $15.5-million performance contract, with an additional $300,000 for equipment and maintenance, the work will increase city water revenue and save Ponca City an estimated $1.3 million in annual operating costs. These savings, which are guaranteed by Honeywell for 18 years, are expected to pay for the improvements with no additional costs to taxpayers. The projects also are expected to create a positive cash flow for the city of nearly $140,000 per year.

Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) is using Oracle Utilities Network Management System and Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management as part of its continuing efforts to improve customer service and satisfaction in responding to power outages on the island of Oahu.

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