Introducing Utilimetrics - The New Face and Future of AMRA

The Automatic Meter Reading Association (AMRA) announced Tuesday that it has changed its name to Utilimetrics –Alliance for Advanced Metering and Data Management Solutions as part of its new mission, during the association's international symposium in Reno, Nevada.

Under the new name and brand, Utilimetrics will be better positioned to attract and educate utility members at all stages of deployment. In response to an expanding membership, its new focus has shifted from "metering" to the use of utility meter data to refine, improve and optimize resource consumption across the spectrum of users, both residential and industrial. Another major focus involves legislative and regulatory issues. Utilimetrics will amplify its voice in the regulatory arena, acting as a consultative resource for policymakers on issues affecting the utilities industry.
Utilimetrics President Jim Andrus recognized the organization's strong desire to move forward and views the name change as just one of the many logical steps the association is taking to do so. "Our new identity more accurately reflects advancements in metering technologies, the growing sophistication of our membership and the association's new goals. Our new name signifies an organization that is strategic, progressive and solutions-driven. Utilimetrics more strongly positions our association as the leading neutral non-profit organization providing information on metering technologies and the value that can be derived from their uses."

Advanced Control Systems (ACS), a leading global provider of smart grid solutions to the electric power industry, announced that it has delivered six Connex 30 substation manager upgrades for legacy Systems Northwest/Hathaway RTUs.

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