LVenturo® Launches New Crane Control Management System

Venturo Logic Controls™ system brings safety, control and reliability to fully-hydraulic service cranes.

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Img 2258CINCINNATI, OHIO, APRIL 30, 2019 --Venturo®, a leading producer of truck- and van-equipped cranes, has released an advanced control system that provides safety, control and reliability for its line of fully-hydraulic service cranes. The new Venturo Logic Controls (VLC™) crane control management system provides enhanced control of capacities throughout a crane's load operation.

Benefits of the VLC system include overload protection, vehicle stability and grade indications, real-time load and status updates, safety alerts and wireless or CAN communication. These features keep operators on top of crane operation and prevent potential damage to loads and injuries to job site staff.

Img 2512"When profit margins and labor markets are tight, companies cannot afford injuries to people or stalled productivity," Tony Albanese, VP, Sales & Marketing, Venturo. "Cranes address each of these issues, and the VLC unit takes crane performance to a higher level."

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Features like overload protection offer additional benefits, such as increased payload capacity on service trucks and decreased waiting time on job sites, which accounts for 63% of total labor time. This improved efficiency helps crews move a greater amount of materials with fewer people, saving money and protecting workers.

Standard for the new VLC system, operators receive a wireless-remote, pistol-grip controller. This controller provides less fatigue and increased comfort with over 60 hours of battery life, a four-line, 20-character screen display, seven two-way toggle switches and four momentary push buttons, and it keeps the user experience intuitive in either 2.4GHz wireless or wired cable operation.

While using the VLC controller, multiple safety and capacity alerts warn operators of malfunctions or overloads. There are four distinct types of alerts:

-         LCD Display Screen Text

-          Transmitter Handle Vibrations

-          Green/Yellow/Red Alert Light on the Underside of the Boom

-          Corresponding Lights on the Wireless Receiver

Venturo's VLC crane control management system will become a standard feature on the entire Venturo hydraulic service crane product line.

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