The New Look of Utility Tooling

Cembre may seem like a new name, but in fact they have been around for over 39 years.

Jun 1st, 2008
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Cembre may seem like a new name, but in fact they have been around for over 39 years. They are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of crimping & cutting tools, identification & labeling systems and associated electrical connectors. Cembre is truly a global company supplying the world’s utility industry and electrical contractors with quality, safety and service to meet customer needs in an ever-changing world.

Of course we’d all like the ability to reach into the back of our truck on a jobsite and pull out the latest and greatest tool on the market. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. In an industry that prides itself on its work, Cembre provides a full range of options from mechanical tooling to manual hydraulic and a full line of portable battery tools and hydraulic pumps to help make the work day go just a little bit smoother.

Cembre services the entire industry with a direct sales force. They want to see their customers and put their tools into their hands to show them The New Look of Utility Tooling… a compact and light stick tool.

B54Y & B15Y Battery Stick Tools

How did Cembre do it? At 6.4 lbs and only 17 ¾” tall the new Cembre B54Y Stick Crimping tool is a compact and light tool. Available with three configurations of interchangeable crimping jaws, a disposable lock hasp cutter and, soon to be available with a cutting jaw for copper and aluminum, this tool is a lineman’s dream.

The main feature of this new technological innovation is the original method of transforming the action of the motor into the hydraulic pressure necessary for the execution of the connector crimping cycle. This method, having an international patent application on its advanced evaluation process, permits a limitation of the size of the tool while, at the same time, achieving optimal energy efficiency.

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The pumping piston, which is operated by the transformed motor action generating the oil pressure, requires no seals, meaning NO “O” Ring. This, compared to alternative products in current use, significantly reduces the necessity for maintenance operations, as there are no seals requiring punctual periodic replacement.

The inside of the plastic shell containing the tool’s body is shaped to achieve separation of fresh incoming air flow from warm outgoing air, resulting in much improved cooling of the mechanisms of the tool. In particular, the motor is able to perform more intensively.

When it comes to safety, Cembre is always leading the way with new and safer tools for linemen and contractors. The new B54Y is no different as it will include many specifications to increase safety in the field:

  • The B54Y has a straight shape which is better for handling;
  • The B54Y can be operated with one hand;
  • The B54Y is balanced for greater control;
  • Jaws on the B54Y rotate by 180˚ for ease of operation in confined spaces;
  • Jaws are easily removable;
  • Crimping jaws are supplied with plastic covers;
  • Battery capacity indicator with every crimp;
  • 3.0Ah Ni-MH high capacity battery;
  • 140 crimps on 4/0 to 4/0 H-tap;
  • Automatic return of the jaws after completion of the crimp;
  • Automatic return can be stopped at any time to ease positioning; and
  • Minimal vibration for better grip.

Portability Meets Versatility

B70M-P24A Hydraulic Pump
With one tool you could go from crimping to cutting by simply switching the head attachment with a quick coupler connection. This is ideal for use in bucket trucks, underground tunnel work, warehouse installations and more.

The Cembre B70M-P24A is a portable electro-hydraulic pump which operates at 24V dc 3.3Ah NiMh battery. This tool develops 10,000 psi of crimping and cutting pressure with various heads available for multiple applications making this tool extremely versatile.

It is designed to operate all hydraulic crimping and cutting heads from Cembre or other manufacturers, provided they work at 10,000 psi. It is a very compact unit weighing only 20 lbs, which can be easily carried on your back, and the unit is totally sealed to allow use in every weather condition.

Main features include:

  • Integral socket for connection to an external 24V dc supply;
  • Battery capacity LED display;
  • Maximum pressure valve;
  • 10-foot flexible hose complete with male and female quick couplers; and
  • Remote Control activation.

The crimping range includes 6, 14, 25 & 60 ton compression heads for applications from 500 to 2000 MCM. The 6 ton RH 50L offers the ability to be used with other manufacturers’ W style dies. The 14-ton RHC 131, 132, can be used with other manufacturers’ U dies. This allows for easy conversion to the Cembre tooling as you don’t necessarily need to purchase new dies with the system.

Cutting heads begin with the TC 025 – 1-inch opening, and the TC 04 - 1-916-inch opening for cutting copper, aldrey, aluminum and steel cables including guy wire and ground rod. Other options range from 2-inch copper or ACSR cutters to the TC 096 3-¾-inch scissors style hydraulic cutting head. The largest option for cutting is the TC 120 cutting head designed for copper, aluminum and telephone cables having an overall diameter up to 4-¾ inches.

The Ferrari of Utility Tooling

Built in the backyard of such engineering masterpieces as Ferrari and in close proximity to the fashion capital of the world, Cembre tools keep the tradition of Italian manufacturing by offering quality and a great looking tool. Offering a five-year warranty on all Cembre tooling merely backs the promise of quality in one of the largest lines of utility tooling available.

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Simplicity of use is ideal for customers in saving time and money with tools made to perform in all conditions. That is why all Cembre tools use generic batteries making it easy and inexpensive to purchase replacement batteries found at your local neighborhood hardware store. Cembre also makes it available for customers to use dies of other manufacturers with the tooling. Die sets can become pricey and in order to make it easy to switch between brands of tooling which give advantages to customers Cembre makes it simple.

Crimping Tools

Tooling has changed dramatically over the years and manufacturers continue to find ways to meet customer demands. Cembre has several crimpers available in manual hydraulic 6-ton including the HT 51L and 14 tons with the HT 131. When it comes to cordless battery tools you’ll find options. Six-ton crimpers are offered in pistol grip like the B 51A and B 55-Y and also in the newly desired stick style B54Y.

When its time to call in the “Big Guns” for a job of 750 MCM plus, Cembre has you covered. The always favorite B 135 pistol grip 14-ton crimper packs a punch for its size and maneuverability. The 14-ton crimper is also offered in the lunch box style B 131 depending on your preference for use. One of only a few manufacturers to offer a 15-ton battery operated crimper, the Cembre B 150 offers direct acceptance of “P” dies and an adapter for all semi-circular slotted “U” dies.

Cutting Tools

Cutting wire and cable with Double Speed battery tools is ideal. With portable options for cutting copper, aluminum, guy wire, ground rod and ACSR up to 3 ¾ inches the B-TC026Y and B-TC04 lead a strong range of Cembre cutting tools. The B-TC026Y is an affordable and ideal tool to cut just about anything up to 1 inch in diameter. At less than 10 lbs. with the popular pistol grip design you can easily operate this tool with one hand on the toughest of applications. The B-TC055A is one of the newest cutters in the Cembre line capable of cutting ACSR up to 2-316”.

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Cembre hand-operated hydraulic cutters also perform with Double Speed action and simple two-hand operation. The easy-to-use HT-TC041 is the ideal manual hydraulic cutter for just about any type of cable up to 1-916 inches (1590 MCM ACSR). And the affordable HT-TC026Y performs the same as the B-TC026Y in a hand-operated hydraulic version. The new HT-TC055 can cut EHS guy wire as well as ACSR up to 2-316”.

The options are endless in the Cembre line of tooling. New tools are being engineered constantly to continue to meet customers’ needs. Customer service continues to be one of the values which Cembre prides itself. Local salesmen are available with demo trucks covering most regions of the nation, national distributors are stocking product and you will always speak with a live representative at Cembre headquarters during business hours. Cembre is there for its customers as they continue to provide the utility industry with top quality, safety and service.

About the Author: Tim Sanfratello has worked with Cembre since February 2007. He worked previously for five years as Director for Event Operations for SportsLink, an event production company in Wharton, NJ. Tim has a Bachelor of Science degree in Event Management and an MBA in Marketing from Centenary College in Hacketsttown, NJ.

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