Utility equipment: Cable products for substation work

Cable installation: Kerite now offering 2500 kcmil power cable as part of its specialty cable offering.

Aug 11th, 2015
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Line construction: Kerite, a U.S.-based manufacturer of medium- and high-voltage high-quality insulated power cable products, is once again manufacturing a 2500 kcmil 15kV power cable and has shipped its first order to Dayton Power and Light in Ohio.

Kerite previously manufactured the 2500 kcmil 15kV power cable, but stopped making it in 2005 due to lack of demand. Recent customer inquiries, however, led Kerite to make the appropriate adjustments to the manufacturing line to once again offer it as part of the company’s specialty cable portfolio.

In addition to the 15kV product, Kerite has begun to manufacture -- for the first time -- a 2500 kcmil 69kV power cable, for customers who need to increase ampacity above 15kV in a particular circuit. The 69kV option is a new product for Kerite, and as with the 15kV, has been added as a result of customer inquiries and demand. Both the 15kV and 69kV cable products are ideal for substation work, where increased ampacity is needed and adding a second circuit isn’t a viable option for them to consider.

Kerite has a long history of innovation and has been delivering medium- and high-voltage (5kV to 138kV) power cable solutions to utilities across North America for decades. Kerite cable is engineered for long service life and is backed by complete factory and technical support services, with a commitment to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. As with all of its power cable products, Kerite can provide very aggressive, industry-leading minimum order quantities (MOQs) and lead times with the 2500 kcmil product -- 3,000 feet and 10 weeks, respectively.

“The 2500 kcmil cable is a way for us to broaden our power cable offering to our customers,” says Tanya Lauer, Vice President of Sales for Kerite. “It’s great to have the 2500 kcmil back in our portfolio, and the expansion up to 69kV will also give our customers another good option to consider, with the quality and reliability they’ve come to know and expect from Kerite. And we’re excited about that.”

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