Xcel Energy picks Tendril for energy efficiency program

Pilot program launches this summer in Colorado and Minnesota to bring personalized energy management plans to consumers

Aug 22nd, 2017
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Xcel Energy has selected Tendril’s Orchestrated Energy for a new smart thermostat optimization pilot launching in the summer of 2017.

Xcel Energy customers in Colorado and Minnesota will stand to achieve energy savings by optimizing their smart thermostats with tailored cooling schedules during the heat of summer.

The personalized schedules may be able to reduce cooling peak load by up to 50 percent and lower energy consumption from cooling by up to 20 percent.

Tendril Orchestrated Energy works with certain smart thermostats to further optimize energy consumption while ensuring the customer remains in a comfortable temperature range.

· Customers Are Always Comfortable: Similar to a smart thermostat, customers select a desired temperature range.

· Personalized Energy Plans: With customer temperature preferences, Orchestrated Energy architects a custom cooling plan based on their individual preferences, local weather patterns and home characteristics.

· Increased Energy Efficiency: The custom plan cools each individual’s home at the most ideal times, ensuring customers are optimizing HVAC systems all day long, while placing the least demand on the electrical grid. The algorithms of Orchestrated Energy allow Xcel Energy to improve upon the energy efficiency of smart thermostats.

· Constant Communication Via a Mobile App: Tendril’s MyHome mobile application gives customers insight into their unique cooling schedule and allows them to make changes, as needed.

The pilot will launch in August for selected customers in Minnesota and Colorado, and conclude in the fall.

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