KOBELCO Mini-Excavators Deliver Power and Performance for Wide-Range of Applications

Construction Equipment: KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA currently offers four mini-excavators in the 3,000 lb. to 12,000 lb. classes.  These compact, yet powerful machines provide operators with maximum productivity and maneuverability in even the tightest of spaces.

The smallest of KOBELCO’s mini-excavators is the SK17SR model. This 15.2 hp, 3,640 lb. machine is ideal for working in confined areas. Its compact footprint with zero tail overhang and tracks that retract to an overall width of 39”, allow it to easily fit through narrow openings. Designed for optimum performance, this excavator features fast and smooth arm movement for reduced cycle times and greater productivity as well as a bucket exclusively designed with a round bottom for increased penetration. KOBELCO’s SK17SR boasts a maximum digging depth of 7’1”, a bucket digging force of 3,420 lbs. and a bucket capacity of .058 cubic yards. Auxiliary hydraulics, pattern changers and a dozer blade are standard equipment with this model.

The SK27SR and SK35SR mini-excavators provide a bit more muscle for heavier-duty digging and lifting, while their zero tail swing radius is perfect for jobs where space is limited. These 5,870 lb. and 8,200 lb. versatile machines have excellent stability and optional steel or rubber track shoes which can be selected based on a job’s terrain. For heavy digging, these models use an Integrated-Flow Pump System (IFPS) which directs extra output from the third pump to the arm circuit for added power. Combined with Tier IV engines, both machines offer excellent hydraulic efficiency and maximum performance. KOBELCO’s 21.3hp, SK27SR has a bucket digging force of 6,341 lbs. and a bucket capacity of .105 cubic yards. The slightly larger 28.4 hp, SK35SR has a bucket digging force of 8,430 lbs. and a bucket capacity of .144 cubic yards. Auxiliary hydraulics, pattern changers and a dozer blade are standard equipment with both models. An angle dozer is available for the SK35SR.

KOBELCO’s 55SRx, is a 12,295 lb., 39 hp short radius machine that provides full-size performance. Its compact size makes it agile on the jobsite without compromising stability, bucket size or lift capacity when compared to similarly sized, standard swing radius machines. Heavy-duty by design, the 55SRx features a long X-frame for excellent support, a high-grade, reinforced steel boom and arm for increased strength, a cast-iron boom swing bracket for longevity and durability and sealed rollers, sprockets and travel motors to extend track life. The 55SRx also utilizes the KOBELCO IFPS system for increased power and hydraulic efficiency. This model has a maximum digging depth of 12’10” and a bucket breakout force of 11,240 lbs.

All KOBELCO mini-excavators are built for durability with a variety of robust features for the most demanding applications. With operator comfort in mind, these models are ergonomically designed with conveniently located controls, spacious cabs and panoramic views for jobsite safety and productivity. Supporting a wide range of buckets and attachments, KOBELCO’s mini-excavators are constructed for optimal productivity. Routine maintenance on all KOBELCO mini-excavators is hassle free, with simple, on the ground access which reduces check and clean times.

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