Transmission poles: Increase life of E-LAM laminated wood poles

Wood utility poles: Laminated Wood Systems introduces PentaTrate glulam manufacturing process for increased wood pole life.

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Seward, NE – Utility poles: LWS has developed a glulam manufacturing process called PentaTrate™. The PentaTrate™ design features a grooved, unglued edge joint on multiple-layup E-LAM® laminated wood poles. The PentaTrate™ groove runs the entire length of the pole on the inner edge joints, allowing for full-length penetration of preservative during the pressure treating process.

Once the poles are installed, the PentaTrate™ grooves also facilitate drainage of any moisture that may enter the pole. Forensic tests have been conducted that confirm the successful migration of preservative treatment around the PentaTrate™ grooves the entire length of the pole. This improved glulam manufacturing design is expected to significantly increase the already long life of E-LAM® laminated wood poles for many additional years

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