Composite poles for utility transmission and distribution

Duratel FRP pole library now available for PLS-POLE and PLS-CADD programs.

Chicago—Duratel, a manufacturer of composite utility pole products for utility transmission and distribution, announced that it has completed its work with Power Line Systems Inc. (PLSi) to incorporate its FRP pole library with PLSi's powerful PLS-CADD platform. The addition of the Duratel pole library will help engineers to use the durable and long lasting composite pole when designing, simulating and analyzing a transmission and distribution system.

"Adding Duratel's FRP poles to PLS-POLE's library will enable our mutual customers to automatically select the best FRP pole for any particular application," said Otto J. Lynch, vice president of PLSi. "Additionally, by utilizing PLS-CADD's complete overhead line optimization capabilities, the full capabilities of these environmentally friendly products can be optimized to develop an overall least cost alternative to traditional line designs. This addition of Duratel's poles is just one more reason why the PLS-CADD platform continues to be the most trusted and powerful engineering program for analysis and design of overhead lines in the world."

Duratel poles offer utilities an effective alternative than traditional distribution poles. Composite poles can be installed with less equipment and manpower than other products and have proven to significantly speed up recovery from severe weather and natural disasters. In addition, surveys among utility linesmen who have worked with Duratel poles have shown that it takes approximately half the time to install composite poles compared to competing materials. Many utilities are using the Duratel composite poles to solve unique problems like woodpecker and other pest damage problems. Some utilities were changing out wood poles every five to 10 years because of this problem but have found with the composite pole, this is no longer an issue and the poles will last at least eighty years.

Other utilities are using the Duratel pole because it is more convenient and cost-effective to transport and install in many locations, including backyards, restricted access areas and remote or difficult terrain sites. Also, coastal utilities, including on various Caribbean islands, are using Duratel poles for areas where high salt content and high water tables are constant problems for other materials.

In addition, advancements in composite pole design have resulted in increased strength and have allowed utilities to do away with guy wires in many locations. The ability to offer unguyed poles to handle significant angle or deadend loads assists utilities in avoiding problems with easements, rights-of-way and potentially hazardous guy wire situations.

As utilities look to harden their system, replace existing structures and build new distribution and transmission, Duratel can provide an attractive solution to meet growing demands and to provide ratepayers with a reliable, robust system.

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