Composite pole technical specifications

Duratel provides utilities with basis for designing, specifying and procuring composite poles, structures.

Chicago, Ill., January 5, 2010—Duratel has released the latest version of its “Technical Specification for Composite Poles, Crossarms and H-Frame Structures.” The purpose of this document is to provide utilities and engineers with the basis for designing, specifying and procuring composite poles and structures.

Interested professionals will find information on materials, manufacturing, UV protection, hardware, installation, attachments, testing, quality control, shipping and warranty. The specification can likewise function as a template for individuals and organizations looking to add composite poles and crossarms to existing standards or incorporate Duratel products into procurement systems.

The new standard is among the many technical documents available on the Resources section of the Duratel website. For those looking to incorporate this specification into existing literature, an editable version is available on demand. Please contact Duratel for more information.

Duratel is a manufacturer of composite utility pole products for utility transmission and distribution, lighting, marine, renewable, cellular and wireless applications. Duratel poles are significantly lighter, stronger, more durable, and cost-effective than traditional poles. Duratel products require no maintenance, do not leach toxic chemicals and can be safely recycled at the end of their lifespan. Duratel composites reduce waste, prevent deforestation and pose a safe, clean, sustainable solution for the utility industry.

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