Poles eliminate guy wire problems

Duratel poles offer utilities a cost effective alternative to traditional distribution poles.

Chicago—Utilities encounter many unique problems and challenges that cannot always be solved using existing methods or equipment. An example is the use of guy wires that has many customers complaining about easements, safety and visual impact. Duratel, a provider of composite poles and crossarms, is providing solutions to utilities with its strong lightweight poles.

For one utility serving the city of Edwardsville, Ill., Duratel provided the right approach. The city was installing new sidewalks and the downguy wires were in the path of the new sidewalk. The original configuration had a span guy pole on one side of the 90-degree pole and downguys and anchors on the other side. The citys original plan was to install an unsightly span guy pole on the other side of the street and relocate the anchors and guy wires. This was unpopular and the utility turned to Duratel for a solution. Duratels 14" profile allowed them to eliminate all of the anchors and downguys and delete the installation of an additional pole across a two lane street, thus reducing the need for additional easements. The city, neighbors and the utility were delighted with the low-cost solution provided by Duratel.

Duratel poles offer utilities a cost effective alternative to traditional distribution poles. Composite poles can be installed with less equipment and manpower than other products and have proven to significantly speed up recovery from severe weather and natural disasters. In addition, surveys among utility linesmen who have worked with Duratel poles have shown that it takes approximately half the time to install composite poles compared to competing materials.

Duratel poles are produced with a uniform diameter and strength, eliminating the need for multiple class poles to be kept in inventory. One Duratel pole can be used for a variety of applications, saving time and reducing the need to stock and search through inventory for a particular pole class.

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