Aerial work platform is lightweight and portable

ReechCraft makes entry into low level aerial lift market.

Fargo, N.D.—ReechCraft Inc, announces its new aerial work platform. PowerLift is a lightweight, ultra portable personnel lift that makes the challenge of transporting the lift to, from and around the job easier than ever before.

Weighing 278 pounds, the operator can roll or carry PowerLift up stairs, over rough terrain and through standard door openings. Users can also detach the basket, mast sections and outriggers from the base unit to trim it down to less than 150 lbs for easy maneuverability. With a lift capacity of 350 lbs, operators have the option of an 18-volt cordless or corded AC drill to power them to a working height of up to 20 feet.

"Our goal was to offer a product that provided more portability, able to be used just about anywhere, but also provide access to 20 feet which covers a very large percentage of applications" said Shane Nickel, Sr. Vice President. "With PowerLift, we came in at only one third the weight and nearly half the cost of conventional powered work platforms."

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