CraftSmart fiber protection field enclosure system

Clearfield ensures fiber protection with enclosure line for optical protection.

Minneapolis, April 28, 2011—Clearfield Inc. (NASDAQ: CLFD), offering fiber management solutions for Fiber to the Premise (FTTp) deployments, is providing an optimized optical protection system with CraftSmart—a full line of above- and below-grade field enclosures. The CraftSmart Fiber Protection Pedestals (FPP) and CraftSmart Fiber Protection Vaults (FPV) are integrated solutions, optimized to house the FieldSmart Small Count Delivery (SCD) case at the last mile access point of the network in above-grade or below-grade installations.

The combined solution provides an “any application, any media, anywhere” approach to the unique challenges of delivering the last mile drop. The Fiber Protection Vaults (FPV) will also support integration of Clearfield’s FieldSmart Fiber Scalability Center OSP cabinets and traditional splice point slack and closure storage. The CraftSmart line is RUS-listed and is currently shipping.

Integrated Design
“Retrofitting legacy copper solutions in the field is expensive and time-consuming,” said Johnny Hill, chief operating officer for Clearfield. “Clients have asked for an OSP environmental enclosure line that could reduce the cost of field deployment by providing complete hardware compatibility. CraftSmart optimizes fiber protection and storage while ensuring industry standards. Utilizing tried-and-true methods of sealing and below-grade protection, along with that Clearfield innovation, we have developed a complete, turn-key solution for the deployment of passive optics from the central office/head-end to the customer premise.”

Product Details
The CraftSmart Fiber Protection Pedestal is cited to be the industry’s most cost-effective thermoplastic enclosure system featuring a full complement of standard features, including a self-locking security cover and factory installed bracketry.

CraftSmart Pedestals are available in two sizes, 9” x 22” and 10” x 24”, providing maximum work space and bend radius provisions for all passive cables and connectors.

The CraftSmart Fiber Protection Vaults come in 1730, 2436, and 3048 sizes for below-grade thermoplastic enclosures. Utilizing a straight vertical design that supports the cover’s load across the entire vault, sidewall deflection is neutralized with a high-rib design for utilization in a variety of environments including greenbelt. A factory installed stud system on the interior wall allows for a variety of accessories from storage racks, horizontal brackets and a two-position swing-arm for mounting Clearfield’s FieldSmart SCD Case onto for easy access and storage.

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