High performance precious metal clad wire

Anomet Products’ precious metal clad wire one-tenth cost of pure precious metal.


Shrewsbury, Mass., April 28, 2011—Custom manufactured clad composite wire that provides superior or equal performance to pure precious metal wire at one-tenth the cost is available from Anomet Products Inc.

Anomet Precious Metal Clad Wire features precious metal metallurgically bonded to a core material with 2 percent or more cladding thickness offered in sizes from 0.002” to 0.125” O.D. Providing superior or equal performance to pure precious metal, they can include platinum for oxidation-, corrosion-resistance, and bio-compatibility, gold for contact resistance, and silver or palladium which can be clad to a variety of lower cost core materials.

Manufactured to precise OEM specifications and supplied on spools, Anomet Precious Metal Clad Wire can be clad to core materials such as copper, Kovar, nickel-iron, molybdenum, stainless steel, tantalum and titanium. They have a smooth surface finish and are more ductile and formable than filled or plated products. Typical applications include microswitches, connectors, and components for aerospace, electronic and medical devices.

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