Composite poles conceal unsightly equipment

Duratel’s composite hollow-pole design provides Wi-Fi solutions for utilities.


Chicago, April 7, 2011—As utilities and communities across the country race to install Wi-Fi antennas, many smart-grid and cellular telecommunication technologies have turned to Duratel's composite poles. The Duratel pole has become a popular choice with its patented hollow pole design that easily conceals unsightly equipment while the composite material is virtually transparent to Wi-Fi frequencies.

"Duratel utility structures are an ideal choice for siting wireless, cellular, satellite and radio antennas, devices and dishes," said Ted Fotos, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Sales for Duratel. "This material has been engineered to operate seamlessly with wireless and cell signals. Utility poles can now become revenue-generating conduits that provide universal, affordable, and attractive access to the internet."

The small footprint and lightweight design of Duratel composites allow easy access to remote, backyard, wilderness or congested urban areas. Wires, antennas, and hardware can be installed internally, eliminating unattractive panels and hardware attachments typically installed on traditional poles and structures while cleaning up cityscapes, skylines and urban areas.

Duratel has conducted extensive third-party testing verifying compatibility with frequencies up to 5.2 Ghz. The removable top cap allows easy access while providing stealth security for many equipment options.

Engineered to endure extreme weather conditions and last longer than timber concrete and steel, Duratel poles offer a cost effective alternative than traditional distribution poles. Composite poles can be installed with less equipment and manpower than other products and have proven to significantly speed up recovery from severe weather and natural disasters. In addition, the lighter weight of composite poles and crossarms enables more products to be transported per load, resulting in fewer delivery trucks and less fuel used for transportation.

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