Covered tap wire and ground wire

Hendrix announces complete line of high quality covered tap wire, ground wire and tie wire for improved reliability.

Milford, N.H.—Hendrix, a provider of high quality overhead and underground power distribution products, announces the availability of its complete line of covered tap wire, ground wire and tie wire.

Tap Wire
Hendrix covered tap wire, a stranded or solid copper conductor covered with a 0.150-inch layer of flexible, black, thermoplastic elastomer, is used to provide a covered lead to connect an overhead phase conductor to equipment bushings. Utilities are using covered tap wire for jumpers and connections on most bare wire applications to improve reliability. Using covered tap wire avoids outages due to wildlife contact with the energized tap. It is suitable for all overhead systems, including open wire, weatherproof, tree wire and spacer cable. The tap wire can also be used in substation equipment connections to provide covered bus and as covered ground lead.

Hendrix tap wire is available in #2 AWG, #4 AWG (copper), and #6 AWG (copper) sizes. Custom cut lengths and packaging is an option. Hendrix tap wire has excellent ultraviolet and weathering characteristics, which maintain covering integrity. The tap wire’s thermoplastic elastomer covering is more flexible and trains more easily than polyethylene covering.

Ground Wire
Hendrix insulated ground wire is ideal for utilities using covered ground wire on distribution pole tops to improve reliability and increase basic impulse level (BIL), or on transmission lines to get the ground wire down through the primary in lieu of standoffs. The insulating covering on the ground wire helps meet the BIL requirements when the ground wire is stapled to the pole.

Consisting of a copper conductor, an inner layer of unfilled high molecular weight polyethylene and an outer layer of proprietary black, track and ultraviolet resistant, high density polyethylene, Hendrix ground wire eliminates expensive “outriggers” required by bare grounds, provides a neater pole, and makes pole climbing and maintenance easier. Customized cut lengths and pre-stripped ends are available to facilitate rapid installation.

Tie Wire
Hendrix covered tie wire, which consists of a #4 AWG solid, fully annealed aluminum conductor covered by a 0.045-inch extruded layer of black thermoplastic rubber (TPR), is used primarily to tie a covered conductor to a Hendrix polyethylene pin type insulator. The covered tie wire eliminates tracking and erosion caused by the use of bare tie wire on a covered conductor. The conductor and covering are both flexible, and have no tendency to spring back. In addition, TPR covered tie wire grips cover the conductor better than PVC and other tie wires.

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