Lightweight composite poles install quickly

Duratel poles ready to deploy for winter weather conditions.

Chicago, February 23, 2011—Winter storms continue to blanket the country, bringing snow, sleet, ice and damaging winds. This inclement weather brings down power lines, disrupts businesses and the lives of rate-paying customers. Lightweight composite poles do not rot, corrode or rust—making them easy to inventory and even quicker to deploy and install in the event of an emergency.

Composite poles can be installed with less equipment and manpower than other products and have proven to significantly speed up recovery from severe weather and natural disasters. Surveys among utility linesmen who have worked with Duratel poles have shown that it takes approximately half the time to install composite poles compared to competing materials.

In addition, Duratel poles are produced with a uniform diameter and strength, eliminating the need for multiple class poles to be kept in inventory. One Duratel pole can be used for a variety of applications, saving time and reducing the need to stock and search through inventory for a particular pole class.

Beyond all the benefits for Duratel's composite poles following a storm, there are significant benefits to installing the product before a natural disaster strikes. Duratel's superior strength-to-weight ratio and resiliency to ice and wind helps harden a utility's system and makes the grid more reliable.

Duratel is a manufacturer of composite utility pole products for utility transmission and distribution, lighting, marine, wind, solar, cellular and wireless applications. Duratel poles are significantly lighter, stronger, more durable and cost-effective than traditional poles. Duratel products require no maintenance, do not leach toxic chemicals and can be safely recycled at the end of their lifespan. Duratel composites reduce waste, prevent deforestation and pose a safe, clean, sustainable solution for the utility industry.

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