Utility poles: Fiberglass equipment mounts support cutouts, arrestors, cable terminations

Line construction: GEOTEK’s line of PUPI Equipment Mounts are designed to mount cutouts, arrestors and cable terminations on utility poles.

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Utility safety: GEOTEK, the producer of PUPI® fiberglass utility products, introduces a line of PUPI Equipment Mounts. PUPI Equipment Mounts are specifically designed to mount cutouts, arrestors and cable terminations on utility poles. The four new fiberglass equipment mount designs will join the innovative PUPI line of electrical distribution and transmission products.

The sturdy new PUPI Equipment Mounts feature the same, proven fiberglass used in PUPI crossarms, including SunGUARD® UV resistant coating and TorqueGUARD™ bushings for maximum durability. The SunGUARD® UV resistant coating is thermally bonded to the fiberglass surface, forming a protective layer that stays smooth and protects the fiberglass from the effects of sunlight for more than 60 years. PUPI’s exclusive TorqueGUARD™ bushings reinforce holes for added strength during hardware installation. The mounting brackets are aluminum alloy. Pole mounts are constructed of aluminum alloy or galvanized steel, depending on model.

The use of rectangular fiberglass support tubes is unique and provides some important benefits over the round tubes found on many equipment mounts. Rectangular tubes allow the attachment of additional equipment brackets, maximizing the product’s versatility. These tubes can be field drilled to relocate brackets, if necessary. And, the assemblies are fastened entirely with sturdy bolts – not adhesives. PUPI can easily customize length and bracket placement for specific situations.

“Numerous customers are already using standard PUPI tangent crossarms to mount cutouts and arrestors,” says GEOTEK Vice President of Product Marketing, Dean Casad. “Our new products will make installation even easier as they are specifically designed for this purpose.”

PUPI fiberglass products are engineered materials so strength is consistent – and stays that way over time. Fiberglass resists insects and woodpeckers, and it does not rot. PUPI fiberglass is non-conductive, never rusts and never needs re-coating. PUPI fiberglass products are truly maintenance free with a service life estimated to be twice that of wood, in virtually any conditions.

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