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Energy management: CTC Global celebrates 10 years of improving the efficiency, capacity and reliability of electric transmission grids worldwide. More than 100 utilities in 28 countries have chosen CTC’s ACCC conductor for over 280 new and reconductoring projects.

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Transmission and distribution: For 10 years, CTC Global, the pioneer and leader in composite core technology, has helped utilities across the globe improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resiliency of their electric transmission grids. This milestone marks significant international growth for CTC, with more than 100 utilities, including American Electric Power, NV Energy, Torrent Power and dozens of other utilities choosing the company¹s high-capacity, low-sag ACCC conductor for more than 280 new and reconductoring projects worldwide.

Using hybrid carbon fiber composites, initially developed for aerospace applications, CTC has substantially raised the performance bar for bare overhead conductors. The high-strength composite core enables increased spans between fewer and shorter structures, which helps reduce upfront capital costs and environmental impact. The composite core¹s lighter weight and compact trapezoidal-shaped strands also allow the ACCC conductor to utilize 28 percent more aluminum without an overall weight or diameter penalty, which significantly reduces line losses under any load condition. Reduced line losses not only serves to reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions, it also serves to free up generation capacity that is otherwise lost.

“While many utilities have selected the ACCC conductor to improve grid capacity and resiliency, at the end of the day, it all boils down to economics,” stated Marv Sepe, COO of CTC Global. “The ACCC conductor has been selected by numerous utilities for its superior technical performance and economic advantages. CTC Global is pleased to continue to satisfy growing demand while our competitors are learning to appreciate the advantages of carbon fiber composites.”

“While CTC Global continues to raise its performance bar through continued technical investment, our price structure has also dropped measurably due to the efficiencies associated with increased volume and the fact that we now produce ACCC conductor in association with 18 international and ISO certified manufacturing partners,” stated Anne McDowell, Director of International Business Services for CTC Global.

As CTC continues to expand its global footprint, the company is progressing in its joint venture with the NARI Group, a subsidiary of the world’s largest electric utility, China State Grid, producing ACCC for the Chinese market to help meet growing demand.

About CTC Global:
CTC Global is a privately held Delaware Corporation based in Irvine, California. CTC developed, tested and commercialized the patented and trademark registered ACCC® conductor and ancillary hardware components such as dead-ends and splices. CTC Global manufactures the ACCC conductor and ancillary hardware components in association with certified stranding and manufacturing partners, worldwide.

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