Utility safety: Disconnect Fuse Kit safeguards electrical vehicle charging stations

Fleet management: IDEAL Disconnect Fuse Kit safeguards electrical vehicle charging stations. SLK fuse de-energizes charging station in event of accident or when service is required.

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Utility supplies: According to the Electric Drive Transportation Association, there are more than 9,000 public charging stations for electric vehicles in the United States. To assure the safety of these stations, IDEAL offers its SLK Disconnect Fuse Kit, a waterproof breakaway device that de-energizes a station's electrical system in the event of an emergency, such as a vehicle knocking down a pedestal, or when maintenance service is required. By doing so, the SLK safeguards drivers, first responders and service personnel from potentially life-threatening shock hazards. In addition, it lets service personnel safely work on one pedestal without shutting down the entire charging station.

Developed in partnership with Department of Transportation maintenance crews, the IDEAL SLK is equally effective in safeguarding roadway lights, streetlights, and parking lot lights. The fuse is listed to UL's ECIS category for special purpose connectors that contains a set of rigorous tests from a host of UL standards, including UL 486D, the standard for submersibility. This means that it is completely safe to use outdoors.

Another advantage to the SLK is its bright orange color. This makes it easy to spot in dark junction boxes, hand holes, or in a nighttime knockdown situation when the connector is often buried amongst dirt, mud and debris. The UL 94V-2 flame-rated orange features ribs on the boots to provide a superior grip, and has large, easy-to-read markings.

IDEAL SLK kits can be purchased in a wide range of configurations and accept 2-14 AWG wire. They are rated 30A, 600V, 105 degrees C. Set screw or crimp terminations are available.

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