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Continental Control Systems and Energy Resource Products bring affordable wireless energy monitoring to commercial and industrial markets. Sentry Online Monitoring System uses Advanced Pulse WattNode Energy Meter and Accu-CT Current Transformer for accurate, easy-to-deploy energy measurement.

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Boulder, Colo.—Continental Control Systems has announced that its electric power and energy metering solutions have been adopted by Energy Resource Products (ERP) to bring low-cost, wireless energy monitoring to commercial and industrial markets. To provide its customers with a complete, easy-to-install energy measurement solution, ERP is now offering its Pulse wireless sensor and Sentry Online Monitoring System in combination with Continental Control Systems' Advanced Pulse WattNode energy meter and Accu-CT revenue-grade current transformer.

The Sentry Online Monitoring System is a Web-based monitoring, notification, and reporting system that collects real-time information from any number of wireless measurement devices at the client's location. Simple to implement in any facility, the system does not require installed software or in-field sensor programming or integration. Completely scalable, the system measures up to 25 different parameters, such as temperature, humidity, water presence, and now energy consumption at the building, branch circuit, or equipment level.

Energy consumption and other data is available from a single, easy-to-use online dashboard, allowing ERP's customers to see, report, and act quickly on critical information from their clients' buildings and equipment. Accessible from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone, the Sentry dashboard allows for complete customization at the sensor, local network, or client-wide level.

"To bolster our Sentry Online Monitoring System with energy monitoring capabilities, we required well-established, easy-to-use energy metering solutions that provide exceptional accuracy at a great price point," said Kevin Kuhne, president of ERP. "Continental Control Solutions' Advanced Pulse WattNode and Accu-CT were a perfect fit, allowing us to provide our service and maintenance customers with reliability and ease of deployment at an exceptional value. Continental Control Systems made it simple for us to join the energy management market, and we are now perfectly positioned to expand beyond the commercial sector into residential spaces. In particular, we can provide a comprehensive solution for multidwelling units, as Sentry Pulse wireless sensor is now capable of reporting the pulse output from gas, water, and energy meters."

The Advanced Pulse WattNode meter offers a low-cost option for bidirectional power and energy measurement with a pulse output solid-state relay closure proportional to kWh consumed or produced. These features make it ideal for submetering, energy management, and performance monitoring applications. The meter, when combined with the Accu-CT current transformer, provides energy measurement accuracy of better than 1 percent over the range of 1 to 100 percent of full-scale and power factors from 0.5 to 1.0 on single or three phase services. This enables accurate energy measurements over a wide variety of installations—utility, commercial, and residential.

"We are honored to team up with ERP, leveraging the accuracy of our energy meters with their proven strength in wireless monitoring to bring a whole new level of functionality to the Sentry Online Monitoring System," said Cynthia A. Boyd, director of sales at Continental Control Systems. "The result is a significant value-add for maintenance and service businesses and the ability to identify energy cost savings easily for their customers."

Energy monitoring for the Sentry Online Monitoring System is available now. Contact ERP to learn more and to schedule an online demonstration.

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