Vehicle communication system using wireless headsets granted patent

Sonetics addresses full duplex communication and extended range with Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications-based technology.

Portland, Ore.—Sonetics Corp. has been granted US patent number 8,126,492 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent describes improved vehicle crew communication technology and systems employing multiple wireless headsets using Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) protocols. The patented technology allows the use of multiple headsets with a single wireless base station, extends wireless communication range, facilitates full-duplex communication over multiple encrypted links from a single base station, avoids interference between multiple headsets through automatic channel selection and optimizes noise-cancelling microphone performance for each headset’s digital channel connection.

Sonetics has created and deployed next-generation rugged and reliable wireless solutions using its patented technology for tens of thousands of users in extreme environments. Most recently, the company launched Apex and Triton wireless team communication solutions for markets such as construction, crane operations, utilities and marine operations.

“Sonetics pioneered the development of completely wireless rugged headsets and systems for use in firefighting and rescue applications,” said Sonetics’ Chief Operating Officer, Reed Stager. ”Now the second generation of that technology is being deployed in aviation, military, commercial, industrial, construction and other communication-challenged environments. The granting of this patent underscores Sonetics’ mission to create innovative wireless systems, helping teams communicate more effectively to increase productivity and ensure the safety of all crew members.”

Sonetics’ Firecom division customers have already benefited from the patented technology as it is used in new 50-Series wireless headsets and intercom systems. Firecom’s wireless systems deliver clear communication among crew members and support hands-free, full-duplex communication up to a 1,600-foot range while also monitoring up to two radio channels and providing push-to-talk radio transmission from users’ headsets. The headsets provide 24dB of hearing protection and are completely wire-free, with no external antennas, belt packs, or wires to snag or entangle users. The headsets operate from -40F to +158F, reject dust and water with an IP65 rating and can be combined into a single system supporting up to 60 headsets. Firecom and Sonetics support all wireless products with a two-year standard warranty and up to five years of ComCare comprehensive customer service programs.

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