Model SLX-15-R solar flasher for cranes and booms

Lumastrobe Warning Lights offers maintenance-free Model SLX-15-R solar flasher for cranes and booms.

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There is no need to lower your cranes and booms from dusk to dawn when utilizing Lumastrobe Warning Lights’ maintenance-free Model SLX-15-R solar flasher.

This high performance solar powered (15) LED flasher provides 120 flashes per minute to signify the location of your extended equipment. No wiring required as the flasher will continually and automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn for many years.

The Model SLX-15 is rain-tight and offers two mounting options namely, permanent mounting with its three threaded studs on 1-3.4” radius center, 120 degrees apart or magnetic mounting rated at 105 lb. pull.

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