3M™ Dynatel™ Introduces New iD Marker Writing Station for RFID Marking of Underground Utilities

3M iD Marker System is First of Its Kind in the Industry

3M has introduced the new 3MTM DynatelTM Model 1420EZ-Writer Station, the first of its kind in the industry and the newest member of 3M's product family of RFID-enabled electronic utility marking solutions that make RFID marking easier. This innovative 3M iD Marker System, provides positive identification of marked facilities, making it more valuable for locating and maintenance than conventional passive marker locating.

The complexity of underground services continues to grow due to multiple utilities sharing limited rights of way, increasing maintenance costs and the potential for accidental damage during excavations. "The 3M iD Marker System uses technology with a custom chip inside that can be programmed in the field to convey important information about each marked underground facility," Corey Willson, 3M marketing manager for Track and Trace Solutions, said. "Markers are located by means of a utility-specific radio frequency signal. The marker responds to the locator with details, including a unique identification number as well as user-defined feature attributes that provide positive identification of the underground facility."

The new 1420EZ-Writer Station provides the ability to write up to 10 iD markers at one time, providing a 60 percent time savings in a cost effective solution. To write markers, the 1420EZ-Writer Station connects to a PC that allows users to define the information to be written to 3M iD markers, as well as remotely controls the writing station from the PC keyboard. Each iD marker that a user writes is verified for positive confirmation, and marker data is logged to an archive on the PC, providing a database of marker records.

3M iD marking technology enhances management of underground facilities for telecommunications as well as natural gas, water, sewer, CATV and electric power utilities. It can pinpoint both conventional passive markers and 3M iD markers on all of the established utility marker frequencies. It also provides efficient cable/pipe locating and fault location in a single integrated instrument eliminating the need for multiple instruments.

For more information about the 3M iD Marker System or 3M Track and Trace Solutions, call (800) 426-8688 or visit www.3MTrackandTrace.com

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