DUECO, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Odyne Assets

A LLC of DUECO, Inc. and Utility Equipment Leasing Corporation acquired the assets of Odyne Corp. (ODYC) to continue production of plug-in electric hybrid drive systems for medium and heavy-duty trucks.

About DUECO, Inc.
DUECO, Inc., the largest final-stage manufacturer of Terex Utilities, is family owned with more than 54 years of experience. Specializing in the design, production, sale and service of aerial devices, digger derricks, cranes and other equipment, DUECO serves the electric and gas utilities, telecommunications, electrical contractors, government and tree care markets. DUECO is a leader in innovative, green technology solutions for medium and heavy-duty trucks. Visit DUECO on the Web at www.dueco.com.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. will unveil two new products specifically tailored to the work truck market at the NTEA Work Truck Show (booth #2193) in Chicago, Ill., on March 4, 2009. Both products are designed to significantly enhance operation and organization of equipment on service and mechanic's trucks for the construction and fleet management markets. Miller will not reveal specific details until March 4, but the company hints that its major product announcement will substantially affect the mechanic's truck market in North America.

A second product introduction involves a new product that expands on a popular series of Miller engine-driven welding generators by adding new capabilities. This new product will improve productivity, and create more space for tools and storage on service trucks.

In addition to unveiling new products, Miller will showcase existing products designed for maximum performance and easy storage on work trucks of all varieties:
Wildcat® 200: New engine-driven welding generator is an extremely small, lightweight and durable option for industrial quality welding performance and generator power.

Maxstar® 150 and Maxstar 200: Small, lightweight inverters provide excellent Stick welding performance for maintenance and repair contractors.
Millermatic® Passport® Plus: True all-in-one MIG welding performance in a durable, 45-lb. package; Ideal for maintenance and repair contractors.
Spectrum® 625 X-TREME™: Portable plasma cutter rated on 5/8-in. steel for work in construction and maintenance.

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