Cooper Bussmann Announces Eight New High-Impact Electrical Seminars for 2009

Training Sessions to be held at New Cooper Technology Center in Houston

Seminar schedule:
March 18: Overcurrent Protection Basics with Emphasis on Selective Coordination
April 28: Fusible Design for Building Systems
May 11: Electrical Safety
May 28: Industrial Machinery
May 28: Industrial Control Panel Overcurrent Protection Considerations
May 29: NEC® Emergency Systems, Legally Required and Optional
July 23: Short-Circuit Current Ratings
August 18: Electrical Power Systems Maintenance and Safety

General Machine Products Company, Inc. (GMP), Trevose, PA, is pleased to introduce the new Reel Buck and Reel Caddy to its extensive line of utility cable placement tools and equipment. With expanded zone restrictions and stricter right-of-way easement regulations, developers of new residential and commercial buildings are forced to build in tight lot spaces or in closer proximity to other structures. This means infrastructure utility and network interfaces can be located in hard to reach places. Because of the difficulty for utility and service vehicles to reach many of these work sights, the GMP's Reel Buck and Reel Caddy offer the perfect solution. The Reel Buck and Reel Caddy provide one-person maneuverability of awkward utility cable reels in tight spaces easily, saving time, money and back strain.

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