Vactor introduces SXP insulated water tank for HXX HydroExcavator

Superlinear polyethylene tank delivers increased productivity, fuel efficiency and hauling capacity.

Streator, Ill., March 16, 2010—Vactor has introduced the SXP (superlinear XL polyethylene) insulated water tank for the Vactor HXX HydroExcavator. The thermal water tank retains heated water temperature longer, reducing the likelihood of freezing during operation in sub-zero conditions and harsh winter weather. The lighter weight tank also reduces fuel consumption while increasing payload availability and hauling capacity.

“Heating water in a full SXP tank requires about 1.6 gallons of fuel per day, compared to an average of 6.6 gallons of fuel per day to heat water in a full stainless steel tank,” said Jared Dippel, product manager, Vactor Manufacturing. “And in terms of time to heat the water, it only takes about a half-hour to heat a full SXP tank, compared to 2.5 hours to heat a full stainless steel tank.” Dippel added that the new tank provides more hours of productive frozen-ground excavation for the Vactor HXX HydroExcavator.

The 1200-gallon capacity SXP tank features a double wall design consisting of a 3/8-in. thick outer shell and a 3/8-in. thick foam liner.

“For our HXX HydroExcavator customers, increased payload and improved fuel economy are essential,” Dippel said. “The SXP thermal tank delivers on both fronts, without compromising performance or productivity."

The Vactor HXX HydroExcavator is versatile enough to handle potholing, waterline repair, slot trenching, directional drilling, sign and pole installation, pipe and line installation and other large-volume excavation.

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