Telescopic crawler crane

Turner Bros. expands crane fleet with Liebherr LTR 11200.

Houston, August 3, 2010—Turner Bros. has taken delivery of the new Liebherr LTR 11200, the world's largest telescopic crawler crane. Designed primarily for wind turbine erection and industrial heavy lifting, this is the first LTR 11200 to arrive in North America and is another flagship addition to the Turner crane fleet.

The LTR 11200 is the crawler version of the LTM 11200/9.1. This new design places the telescopic boom on a narrow track crawler chassis. Liebherr adopted the telescopic boom, the Y-suspension, the lattice fly jibs and the slewing platform from the mobile version which has already proven itself for wind turbine erection in the U.S. (with Turner Bros.) and Europe. The crawler track width is less than 16 ft, the smallest available in the market today. This narrow design allows the crane to move fully erect through the narrow roads found in wind farms and into confined spaces in industrial settings.

The LTR 11200 has a maximum lifting capacity of 1322 tons at an 8 ft radius. The telescopic boom can reach from 60 ft to 328 ft and the lattice job 79 ft to 413 ft.

Turner Bros. is cited to be the only crane service company in North America to offer both the mobile and crawler versions of this crane model.

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