Composite utility poles are cost effective

Duratel composite poles last over 80 years and cannot be damaged by woodpeckers.

Chicago, November 1, 2010—Utilities and telephone companies spend millions of dollars each year replacing wood poles that are damaged and destroyed by woodpeckers. They chisel away at creosote soaked wood poles with no harmful effects to the bird. However the real damage is done to ratepayers who are forced to pick up the cost for constantly replacing the damaged structures.

Many utilities and regulators are realizing it's imprudent to replace wood with wood every few years and there is a cost-effective solution with the use of composite poles. Utilities are now turning to Duratel and its composite structure to put an end to expense and permanently stop the damage from woodpeckers. The composite transmission and distribution poles manufactured by Duratel cannot be damaged or penetrated by woodpeckers and will last over 80 years. The savings in labor and material are enormous.

Studies have shown that woodpeckers return to the same spot every year. They build nests in the utility poles and severely compromise the integrity of the structure. Consequently, the poles have to be replaced within a fraction of their normal lifespan. Only carbide bits can penetrate the stronger and more durable Duratel poles.

Duratel is a manufacturer of composite utility pole products for utility transmission and distribution, lighting, marine, renewable, cellular and wireless applications. Duratel poles are significantly lighter, stronger, more durable and cost-effective than traditional poles. Duratel products require no maintenance, do not leach toxic chemicals and can be safely recycled at the end of their lifespan. Duratel composites reduce waste, prevent deforestation and pose a safe, clean, sustainable solution for the utility industry.

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