High reach aerial work platform

Steiger's Model TTS 1000 aerial work platform has 328-foot working height.

Abilene, Texas, September 22, 2010—The Steiger Model TTS 1000 aerial work platform, with 328-foot working height, the highest in North America, is now available for rent from Abilene High Lift Aerial of Abilene, Texas. The machine features 1,102-lbs. platform capacity, 131-feet horizontal reach and the capability of operating when wind speeds are high as 35.8 mph.

Abilene High Lift Aerial will also provide rental customers with International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) certified operators trained by Anton Ruthmann Gmbh and Co. of Germany. Ruthmann is the manufacturer of the Steiger TTS 1000 and an IPAF training center.

The aerial work platform is mounted on a six-axle trailer, powered by a Mack Granite Series truck using a 505-hp diesel engine. The trailer/truck configuration gives the unit exceptional maneuverability for turning sharp-angled corners and accessing confined areas.

The Steiger TTS 1000 is for use by those needing access to wind turbine nacelles, building exteriors, antennas and other tall structures. It can be set up by one person in 15 to 20 minutes and eliminates the need for climbing structures or using man-baskets hung from cranes. A pressurized water outlet and 110/220-volt outlets in the platform also enhance worker productivity.

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