Telescopic service crane updated

Stellar Industries offers updated Model 12628 telescopic crane with Stellar CDT and new T-Max2 body.

Garner, Iowa, September 14, 2010—Stellar Industries Inc. is offering the updated Model 12628 telescopic service crane to fill a niche between the Stellar models 10628 and 14528 cranes. The Stellar 12628 is cited to be an industry first in capacity and functionality and it now features the Stellar CDT (Crane Dynamics Technology) control system. The 77,800 ft-lb crane boasts a maximum all hydraulic reach of 28 feet, 4 inches and can lift up to 12,000 pounds at 6 feet, 6 inches in boost mode. The Stellar model 12628 has features such as a hexagonal boom design for reduced flex and increased strength, and it offers a variable speed, multi-function radio remote control equipped with the Stellar CDT system as a standard feature.

The Stellar CDT system incorporates two-way communications and a feedback feature that is first in the mechanics crane market to offer integral capacity alert incorporated into the handheld controller. The system will indicate to the operator when the load being maneuvered is increasing the load moment of the crane. Indications are by visual and sensory signals built into the Stellar handheld controller using color-coded LED lights and varying cyclical vibrations. The Stellar CDT system can also allow operators who encounter an overload situation to productively operate through that overload situation by increasing crane capacity to 118 percent of its normal operating capacity for a short period of time. The Stellar CDT equipped 12628 also features a refined safety system. If a capacity monitoring device fails to operate correctly the crane will enter the safe mode. The safe mode will allow the operation of the crane at a reduced speed until the safety device is repaired, replaced or returned to proper working order.

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