Telescopic service cranes introduced

New 7621 and 7628 Stellar telescopic cranes use all hydraulically operated extensions.

Garner, Iowa, June 15, 2010—Stellar Industries Inc. introduces Models 7621 and 7628 telescopic service cranes. These new 44,000 ft-lb cranes boast a maximum reach of 21 feet with the 7621 and 28 feet, 6 inches with the 7628—using all hydraulically operated extensions. Both can lift up to 7,500 pounds at 5 feet and are equipped with the Stellar CDT system. They feature a hexagonal boom design for reduced flex and increased strength, and use a planetary winch system with a hydraulic/mechanical brake system that allows for a 60-foot-per-minute winch speed. The 7621 and 7628 feature a fully proportional, multi-function radio remote control as standard. Effective immediately, these new cranes will be replacing the inaugural Model 6620 crane and the Model 6628 crane.

The Stellar CDT (Crane Dynamics Technology) system is cited to offer a proprietary collection of revolutionary, industry first features that control, power and monitor the new cranes. The Stellar CDT equipped cranes will engage and communicate with the crane operator by using multiple sensory indicators when approaching maximum capacity. This will include the use of colored LED lights and pulsating vibrations. Some Stellar CDT systems will also allow the operator to go into a Boost Mode and operate at 118 percent of its normal operating capacity for a short period of time. The third revolutionary feature of the new Stellar cranes is the ability to function in safety mode when a safety feature is damaged or malfunctions.

“After ten solid years establishing ourselves and our cranes in this market, we have retired the 6620 and 6628 models and are replacing them with these enhanced Stellar CDT equipped models,” said Tim Davison, product manager, bodies and cranes. “It was a natural progression for us to introduce the 7621 and 7628 cranes, which both offer Stellar’s usual market-leading features and the new Stellar CDT Technology.” He continues, “All of these features on these new cranes will fit in nicely with the rest of our heavy-duty crane line and allow us to continue to offer our customers the most advanced and innovative telescopic cranes on the market today.”

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