New heavy duty crawler crane

First TADANO MANTIS 15010 Crane joins Scott Powerline fleet.

Monroe, La., June 9, 2010—TADANO MANTIS Corp.’s first 77-ton (70t), heavy-duty, tele-boom crawler crane has joined Scott Powerline & Utility Equipment’s fleet at its McDonough, Ga., facility. It has already been dispatched to a job in Florida.

Purpose-designed from the ground up as a tele-boom crawler crane, the TADANO MANTIS 15010 is highly versatile and ideal for both pure lift applications as well as rugged duty-cycle work.

It employs much less counterweight than other varieties of cranes to avoid rearward stability problems on sloping ground. This feature, together with its 260 hp Cummins engine and high-pressure hydraulics, allows the 15010 extraordinary gradeability of up to 68 percent.

Its lift capabilities are achieved by its wide stance telescopic crawler base instead of massive counterweights. With its high stability, the 15010 can pick and carry its full 77-ton load chart with its tracks extended. More impressively, it can pick and carry 50 tons through a full 360 degrees with its tracks retracted to an overall width of only 12 1/2 feet.

The new TADANO MANTIS can pull through deep mud without bogging down and telescope or lift the boom with a full load on the hook.

The 15010 also saves time and money on the job with its low clearance height, retract on-the-fly tracks and telescopic boom. What’s more, its independent hydrostatic track drives allow pivot turns and counter rotation.

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